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With hundreds of miles to fish, you have many options. You may choose to fish the mighty Naknek from a boat, spending time in the lower river for chrome bright salmon and the upper river for giant rainbows, char and grayling. Another day, you might want to explore Katmai National Park and travel via floatplane to a more remote river for a day of walk and wade wilderness fishing, along with a delicious shore lunch.​  Non-fishermen have options too! Although we encourage beginners to join us on the river, there are many non-fishing activities available as well.

Check out a short clip of the fishing experience from our appearance on "Adventure Guides" on the Outdoor Channel:

"Adventure Guides" Video of Blue Fly in Action

When to Catch What You Want
The Bristol Bay blesses us with bent rods from May through October. When targeting a species, it is important to keep in mind where it falls in the migratory salmon cycle.  

The season begins in June with Rainbow Trout gorging on salmon fry that have hatched from the previous summer.

KING (CHINOOK) SALMON - Towards the end of June the action shifts to the chrome bright King (Chinook) Salmon that conquer the river; heading upstream to spawn.

RED (SOCKEYE) SALMON - ​Not far behind them, millions of Red (Sockeye) Salmon pour into the rivers from the Bering Sea. In August, the salmon begin to spawn; and for the next month and a half, the rainbows feed voraciously upon protein rich eggs that drift from the nest.

SILVER (COHO) SALMON - In addition to this feeding frenzy, the Silver (Coho) Salmon are also entering the river, heading upstream for their chance to spawn.

​RAINBOWS, CHAR, GRAYLING - By September and October, all five species of salmon have run upriver and giant Rainbows, Char, Grayling have focused their appetites on the remainder of eggs and salmon flesh in the water.

​Not Interested in Fishing?  No problem!!

You can spend the day in Katmai National Park, bear viewing at majestic Brooks Falls or touring the Valley of 10,000 Smokes (famous volcanic area in park), exploring the river via sea kayak or going on a “city” tour of the rural fishing towns of King Salmon and Naknek.​  Blue Fly also offers culinary classes and nature photography tours that are an excellent complement to your vacation.


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